May 2014

The Novella Tavolo 'Hello Stranger' Launched at Nhow Milano - Please refer to the dedicated page to read more, and to download the virtual edition. 

February 2014

Audacious Art Flowers

This 'fiorious' new 'art-design-flower house' concept 

Pictured - Audacious Bouquet inspired by Rumi, with blooms chosen to illustrate meanings according to the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Image Credit: Hue of Two

May 2013: 

Publication of the Stage It Industry Report

The result of a three year Marie Curie Research Project between Reykjavik University, Nottingham University, Certus of Denmark, Clevercherry of Birmingham and Sarah Davenport. 

Click the following link to view the report: media/general/StageIt Industry Report.pdf

October 2012 - April 2013: Design Playground (Sarah Davenport+Yashmit Amin with manufacture by Inner Project) Exhibited at Nhow Milano 'Portraits' Exhibition

Design Playground is led by Sarah Davenport and Yashmit Amin who have worked together since 2007 when they met at Salone Del Mobile. They decided to launch their first collaborative signature collection with London fine craftsmen Inner Project to establish “seriously playful” furniture with unique personality and provocative appeal.

The pieces were launched in the Nhow Milano on 24th October 2012 where Design Playground was amongst nine artists and nine designers invited to change the face of the world renowned Nhow design hotel for the five month 'Portraits' exhibition

Many thanks to Elisabetta Scantamburlo for the images

(Floor 3: shown with works by Francesco Granducato)

April - May 2012

Golden Cape-Wings with the Golden Cage 

Sarah worked with Robert Pearson of the Golden Cage Costume and Period Dress specialists to translate the imagination and quality manufacture of their fantasy items into a wearable piece. Sarah conceived a wing-inspired garment to inspire the ability to make dreams come true through creativity and worked in collaboration with the management, design and manufacturing team on the concepts development to completion. The results - launched in Milan 2012 received considerable attention from some of the biggest design influences in the world as well as top stylists and clients. Work is now underway to collaborate with top style houses in the delivery of the garment before Sarah and the Golden Cage move on to the next item in the collection. 

Image: Jake Jakiewicz Model: Chloe Marsh and Makeup: Claire Elizabeth

March-April 2012

The Restoration Throne...  with Forest2Furniture

Sarah worked with fine artisan Patrick Turk to create a signature piece which revealed his love of transforming trees that have fallen naturally or been storm damaged in Sherwood Forest into a beautiful piece of furniture to create a legacy for the future. The style promotes the endangered, rare and organic techniques Patrick uses which have been passed through his family for generations. The Restoration Throne was launched in Milan 2012 and featured as a highlight of design week in both the London Evening Standard and the Independent.

Image: Ralph Barklam 


Shop Design and Shoe Promotion for Fine Shoes by Peter Bullock

2010 - 2012

The Davenport Shop of Originality

We united over thirty artists, designers and musicians for a year in a collaborative retail space created to inspire beauty and movement. 


Chichi the Rocking Piano