As profiled in The Guardian in 2015 as one of 10 of the best: redesigned pianos...

"First up was glamorous, flame-haired designer Sarah Davenport with her coquettishly-named rocking piano, Chichi.  Chichi is a beautiful and whimsical piece which rocks you gently as you tinkle her (I think she’s a girl) silver keys. Inspired by a sense of liberation that was awakened in Sarah at the Milan Furniture Fair, Chichi is her way of putting the soul back into design and communicating the value of making dreams happen. I love how the piece pushes the boundaries of traditional design with a subtlety and softness that makes her quirkiness seem graceful and her rebellion romantic. She’s very seductive is that Chichi."

The London Design Festival Review from



Chichi the Rocking Piano, designed by Sarah Davenport Design, was first introduced within Designersblock for the London Design Festival 2007.

The rocking piano was designed to give more to the player than a normal piano through its rocking motion whilst communicating the value of making dreams come true.

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